_mg_3501The first widely-documented appearance of dog agility was as entertainment at the UK Crufts dog show in 1978. John Varley, a committee member from the 1977 show, was tasked with coming up with entertainment for the audience between the obedience and competitions in the main ring. Varley asked dog trainer Peter Meanwell for assistance, and they presented a largely jumping-style course resembling something from the equestrian world to demonstrate dogs’natural speed and agility. Many of today’s standard agility obstacles were present at that demonstration, including the ‘Over & Under’ (A-frame/tunnel combination), ‘Tyre Hoop’ (tire), ‘Weaving Flags’ (weave poles), ‘Canvas Tunnel’ (collapsed tunnel) and ‘Cat Walk’ (dogwalk).

Since then agility has become the fastest growing and most popular dog sport in the UK and here in the US, allowing dogs an opportunity to enjoy all their natural athletic abilities, and to enjoy a mutually thrilling sport with their owners of all ages.

Come to the Try It ring and let your dog give it a whirl!
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