[custom_frame_right shadow=”on”]Running with Dog[/custom_frame_right] Running with your dog is a wonderful way to spend time and reap the benefits of exercise with your best friend. But it’s not always as easy as it might seem.

Pulling, dragging, sudden stops and lunges, and different fitness levels between dog and human can make taking your dog for a run frustrating or difficult– and that’s just a shame! Because it doesn’t have to be that way.

If communication and expectations are clear, running together becomes a much easier and enjoyable proposition.

Here are a few Youtube videos by professional trainer and certified behavior consultant Irith Bloom showing how to acclimate your dog to cues such as “let’s run’ and “walk” without pulling and with ease and comfort for all involved.

Loose Leash Running – Running Politely on Leash

Teaching Cues for Walking and Running on Leash

Here’s a link to a companion article with lots of great training tips and explanations:

Running with Your Dog: Wagging Tails on the Trails

And remember these points:

  • Make sure your dog is physically up to the run
  • It took you a while to build up your running skills, and your dog will be no different
  • Run on a well-fitting harness that doesn’t rub under the front legs (like a Freedom Harness)
  • If you use an EZ walk or other chest trap harness, turn it upside down so you’re leash attaches on top to avoid injuring your dog
  • Never run your dog using a choke or prong collar or cloth muzzle
  • Have reasonable expectations – your Maltese can’t run 12 miles at your pace – your Pit Bull can!
  • TEACH your dog what you want, rather than scolding him for what you don’t

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